Litter Picker No2

It’s surprising the amount of positive comments you get from the public when you are seen litter picking and it’s nice to meet others who do the same in their neighbourhoods.

Rubbish and Safety
There are some hazards with litter picking, these can be mitigated by wearing gloves and using a litter picker tool. If you take two sacks with you it’s easier to split the recyclables from the general waste as you go along and saves double handling. In the Catford area there are no bigger litter bins in the streets to empty your collection, therefore you are limited by what you can take home and squeeze in your own bins.

Two Peas in a Pod
I have family down in Poole Dorset and on my recent visit discovered my brother was also a litter picker and regularly collects sack loads from his local park and around Poole Park and the harbour.

On a combined litter picking walk we managed to collect four sack loads earning our pint on the quay that evening.

Bins of Desire
In Poole the council have invested in covered double size litter bins in the streets and public areas, these allow the public to separate the recyclables from the general waste. When I compare them with Lewisham’s overflowing street bins, it’s no wonder our streets are dirtier. See link:

Poole Litter Bin
Poole Litter Bin

Last Straw
I was pleased to hear that MacDonald’s are switching to paper straws in the UK after a customer campaign. These small changes do make a difference, let’s continue the pressure to eliminate plastic waste from all our food packaging.

Hand/Wet Wipes
These are commonly seen in the streets blowing around. The white hand wipes are made of a strong fabric and seem indestructible. I would have thought these days all hand wipes would be biodegradable… Perhaps a question worth asking our local takeaways?

Inappropriate Disposal of Hand/Wet Wipes
Inappropriate Disposal of Hand/Wet Wipes

Friends of Foster Memorial Park
They have an active facebook group and it’s worth joining if you have a local interest.
See link:

When the pavement is full please use the bin

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