Litter Picker No3

I have noticed an increased level of street cleaning in my area of Catford, you can’t miss the evidence of the blue plastic bags at road junctions.

Blue rubbish sacks used by Lewisham Council street cleaners
Blue rubbish sacks used by Lewisham Council street cleaners

These bags are left overnight but not always collected the following day. This gives opportunities for foxes as they can split open the bags and spread the contents all over the pavement. This has been going on for years and I wonder why a better solution hasn’t been found? When the bags are collected, some attempt is made at clearing up the mess but not as good a job as the street cleaners.

Fox aftermath.
Fox aftermath.

Foxes are a nuisance but not everybody sees them as pests, so they are here to stay.

Middle Class Fly-Tipping
There has been some coverage in the media about people putting their junk outside their home on the pavement and leaving it there. You only have to walk down Thornsbeach Road and you will understand why this has to stop. It’s good to try and recycle useable stuff and keep it out of landfill by offering it to your neighbours but you need to keep it inside your boundary or bring it in at night.

Lost Street Maintenance
Why are so many street drains in the area blocked with mud, surely this must increase the flood risk?

Skip Hire
What has happened to the licence enforcement? None of the skips in the roads around here have the required lighting at night. If you don’t put up the required safety lights, you could be fined up to £1,000.

Dangerously overloaded
Dangerously overloaded

Good Citizenship
I’m now having to allow extra time on local journeys to allow for my fly-tipping reporting using an APP. Sometimes I see stuff that’s been there for weeks and nobody has bothered reporting it as I know Lewisham Council would have dealt with it in a timely manner. Please don’t rely on somebody else reporting as it only delays the clear up.

This stuff looks recyclable, why dump it?
This stuff looks recyclable, why dump it?

I personally rate fly-tipping as a serious criminal offence and would like to see the penalty to include a prison sentence and a fine of £5000 minimum.

It's broken throw it in the street
It’s broken throw it in the street

Builders Vans/House Clearance
Please bring a broom with you next time as you left enough screws to puncture a convoy.

Screws carelessly left in the road
Screws carelessly left in the road

When the pavement is full please use the bin

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