Litter Picker No5

In this issue I talk about what residents can do about abandoned vehicles and other street issues. I also did some googling on the psychology of littering and turned up some interesting articles:

The psychology of littering: Is shaming the answer to stopping litterbugs in their tracks?
This one raised my eyebrows and has some interesting comments:

Littering and Following the Crowd:
I found Cialdini’s research fascinating.

Skip Observations

You are supposed to cover your skip with a tarpaulin when you’re not loading it. Hopefully this also discourages the free loaders dumping their rubbish. I have been monitoring one particular skip and have noticed it has been used as a communal litter bin judging by the number of empty cans and bottles thrown in. It may be a convenient big litter bin, but it does show that people would rather use a bin than litter!

Abandoned Vehicles on the Estate

Parking has got more difficult and families might have more than one car these days. Abandoned vehicles do cause obstruction and reduce the parking space for others. It’s not easy to tell if a vehicle has been abandoned or dumped. You can find out if the vehicle has been taxed and has a current MOT if you have the number plate.  Try this free government website:
If you find a vehicle parked on the road without TAX or MOT you should report this to Lewisham Council on their website:
Or using FixMyStreet:

Reporting a Blocked Gully or Drain

Lewisham council are responsible for issues with roadside gullies or drains. Blocked gullies can be reported on the Lewisham council website:
Or using FixMyStreet:

Lewisham Council’s Website

When you make an online report you don’t seem to get any human responses like a friendly reply to say that your issue will be dealt with or given an appropriate time scale or even told that nothing can be done. If you use FixMyStreet APP to report street issues you do receive updates only if you are a registered user but it’s not two way communication.


Fly-tipping at the top of Thornsbeach Road
Fly-tipping at the top of Thornsbeach Road

A light-coloured people carrier car was spotted dumping some commercial waste at the top of Thornsbeach Road on Tuesday 9th October between 00:22 and 00:23. This person clearly doesn’t have a conscience, if anybody witnessed this crime please report this to Lewisham Council on their website:

Lewisham council use their legal powers to prosecute offenders where appropriate. Here are some of the recent actions taken under the Environmental Protection Act:

  • May 2018 41 fixed penalty notices issued borough wide for waste, litter offences.
  • April 2018 35 fixed penalty notices issued borough wide for waste, litter offences.
  • March 2018 26 fixed penalty notices issued borough wide for waste, litter offences.
  • August 2017 7 £300 Fixed Penalty Notices issued to business owners that failed to provide documentation to show they have correct waste disposal arrangements in place.
  • August 2017 11 £400 Fixed Penalty Notices issued for fly-tipping offences.
  • March 2017 A land owner was convicted at Bromley Magistrates Court for failure to comply with a notice to remove controlled waste from his land. The offender was fined £1000 plus 10% for each day the failure continues and £410 costs.

Join in the Fun

I believe if everybody picked up the litter from outside their own and their neighbour’s house it would help build community spirit and encourage others to do the same.

When the pavement is full please use the bin

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