Litter Picker No7

Next Litter Picking Event

The next litter picking event meets on Saturday 3rd August at 10.30am outside Forster Park (Thornsbeach Road entrance). All are welcome, tools are provided but we do recommend you bring your own gloves. Allow 1.5 hours.

Ravensbourne RA Litter Picking Crew
Ravensbourne RA Litter Picking Crew

Making a difference

When schools break up there is a definite reduction in litter in the surrounding streets. I will be approaching my local school to see what their policy is on single use plastics and reporting that back here.

Fly-tipping is it OK in any circumstance?

The answer is clearly NO for many reasons:

  1. It’s illegal and a crime
  2. It’s not socially acceptable
  3. Services are provided by local authorities to allow correct disposal of items such as fridges and mattresses.

If you do any DIY jobs or have builders, it’s the house holder’s responsibility to make sure the waste is disposed of correctly. This may involve some research and the costs of skip hire/rubbish collection needs to be taken in to account when estimating the cost of the project.

I have noticed that some people think it’s fine to dump green waste in hedge rows or over the fence into alleyways. This kind of behaviour is very antisocial and is very depressing to see. Please respect our local environment and take your green waste to the local recycling centre or pay for a brown bin and get weekly collections.

Act or leave to somebody else?

You are walking home from work and you see some fly-tipping, or you notice some unsafe paving are you going to ignore it?
These days it’s very easy to report street issues, it only takes a minute to use the FixMyStreet APP so worth installing on your phone. All residents and visitors are empowered to act in this way.

Unsocial Bonfires

Domestic bonfires are not illegal, but they can cause pollution. Bonfires that produce dark smoke (usually when plastics are burnt) are illegal. Lewisham council will prosecute persistent offenders, including commercial organisations, and issue fines up to £20,000.

What are the rules and protocols for getting rid of unwanted stuff?

Putting items on the pavement is dangerous and would be considered as fly-tipping. All items should be clearly labelled as to the condition i.e. working/needs repair etc and kept on your property.

Recycle cardboard boxes correctly

When you see overflowing recycling bins, a quick look shows that residents are not breaking down the cardboard boxes correctly, this would give more space and improve the quality of the recycling. Plastic envelope windows are not recyclable.

Recycle cardboard boxes correctly
Recycle cardboard boxes correctly

New Coffee Shop Opened

Visit our new Coffee shop VITAL NRG

Alan and I checked out the new coffee shop called Vital NRG next to Bellingham Station, it’s really nice and all natural and raw goodness.

When the pavement is full please use the bin

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