Community Litter Pick 11th September

The next Ravensbourne Residents Association (RRA) litter pick is on Saturday 11th September 2021 starting at 10.30am until 11.30am. We shall be meeting at the top of Thornsbeach Road at the Forster Park entrance in the car park.

If we have enough support we will litter pick the following streets and more:

  • Park Car Park
  • Thornsbeach Road
  • Bellingham Road
  • Penderry Rise
  • Greenside Close
  • Daneby Road
  • Callander Road
  • Crantock Road

Litter picking equipment provided. Please bring your own gloves.

Help take direct action, meet other like minded residents and get involved.

We make litter picking an enjoyable experience, making a difference for your community.

Food Waste and Take-away Containers

I can’t understand why the takeaway food industry are allowed to use non recyclable packaging like Polystyrene and plastic knives and forks. Our area of Catford has a large number of takeaway restaurants which must generate a huge amount of waste, leading to a percentage ending up on our streets.

Somebody regularly dumps sacks of takeaway waste at the end of Daneby Road, and to make matters worst the foxes rip open the sacks and rubbish blows all over the road, encouraging other vermin.

I often walk through Catford on a Sunday morning and the high street always looks terrible, what must visitors think of our town? There’s rubbish everywhere, bins overflowing, empty bottles and drink cans in the road, empty smelly pizza boxes. There must be a case for restricting opening hours of some businesses unless they can clean up the generated waste, we definitely need more/better management of street cleaning in Lewisham.

Forster Park Litter Patrols

When the pavement is full please use the bin

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