Litter Pick Report 11th September

14 Bags of Litter/Rubbish Collected

We had perfect weather conditions for today’s community litter pick with the Ravensbourne Residents Association. With nine volunteers helping including Geoff, Margaret, Steve, Julie, Theresa, Debbie, Jean, Jeff, and Michael. We managed to give Forster Park some love with Geoff sent off to litter pick the difficult areas in the woodlands and Steve and Julie clearing the boundary fence bordering the car park.

The team also covered some of the local streets in the Catford South area including Penderry Rise, Bellingham Road, Thornsbeach Road, Crantock Road, Callander Road, some of Daneby and Bromley Road. I received reports that rubbish levels are very high around Bromley Road by the shops and junctions suggesting better management of litter services is required in such a busy area.

All the bagged litter was taken to the Beckenham Recycling centre. It cost £3 to tip as we are not residents of Bromley borough, it’s quicker and easier to get to than the Lewisham recycling centre in Deptford.

Chargeable waste customer
Chargeable waste customer £3.00

Forster Park Car Park

Forster Park Car Park Tidy/Clean up

Monthly Community Litter Picks

Join our next litter pick. You will not only be helping your community combatting litter, also meet like minded people, get some fresh air and some exercise. We provide all the training needed and equipment to borrow on the day.

The next litter pick is on Saturday 9th October 10.30am meeting at the junction of Crantock Road and Thornsbeach Road. Please bring your own protective gloves.

See you at the next litter pick and join in the fun.


When the pavement is full please use the bin

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