Report for 19th March Litter Pick

Welcome to the Ravensbourne Residents Association March litter pick report.

A big thank you to the seven residents/volunteers who turned up to help including: Steve, Julie, Imogen, Jean, Jeff, Mick, Simon. We covered local roads including: Thornsbeach Road, Crantock Road, Daneby Road, parts of Bellingham Road, Penderry Rise and parts of Forster Memorial Park. Volunteers litter picked for one hour collecting a total of eight bags of street litter.

Community Action

Join our next litter pick on Good Friday 15th April at 10.30am meeting at the junction of Crantock Road and Thornsbeach Road. Please bring your own protective gloves.

You will not only be helping your community by combatting litter, you will also be meeting other like-minded people, whilst getting some fresh air and exercise. We provide all the training and equipment to borrow on the day. Come and join in the fun.

Seven Residents/Volunteers
Seven Residents/Volunteers

See you at the next litter pick.


When the pavement is full please use the bin

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