1. NAME

The Association is called the Ravensbourne Residents’ Association, hereinafter referred to as “the Association” throughout this document.


The Residential area covered by the Association [hereinafter referred to as “the Community” in this document] comprises the following roads within the London Borough of Lewisham Ward of Catford South.

Crantock Road, Callander Road, Daneby Road, Bellingham Road, Thornsbeach Road, [top of Inchmery to Bellingham Road] Barmeston Road, Charsley Road, Aitken Road, Penderry Rise and Bromley Road [bottom of Callander Road to Bellingham Road.]


The Association is committed to working in harmony and in co-operation with Residents’ Associations and other residents’ groups and individuals in adjacent areas on matters relating to our common boundaries and interests.


The Association is a totally independent and non-political group set up to represent the interests of the Community to partners, businesses and agencies in order to improve the environment, facilities, services, and Community spirit for all residents in the Community as defined above.

The Association will:

  • Be run in a fair and transparent manner, including financial matters.
  • Be open and welcoming to all who live in the Community regardless of their nationality, race, colour, sexuality, gender, disability, age, religion, political opinion, tenure.
  • Use a range of ways to maintain regular contact and encourage the involvement of residents, including meetings, newsletter, the internet, social media and face to face discussions.
  • Take part in discussion, events and consultations with our Councillors and other parties where appropriate, in order to improve the Community.




The Association will seek to achieve its objectives by carrying out the following activities:

  • Communication with local residents to collect views and to provide information and give feedback.
  • Conduct surveys to identify the needs and priorities of the Community.
  • Prepare and publicise and present an annual Association action plan.
  • Devise a programme of specific projects and activities in response to the Community’s needs.
  • Make representations to all appropriate agencies on issues raised by the Community.
  • Engage in working with any other body whose objectives may be of benefit to the Association.
  • Represent the Community at other local meetings, surgeries, initiatives and other appropriate events.



Membership will be open to all residents in the Community as defined above.

It shall be a condition of membership that members at all times, conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at meetings, events, activities, facilities, or other gatherings of the Association.  Any member may be suspended from membership of the Association for breach of this condition or for any conduct which is detrimental to achieving the objectives of the Association.  The suspension shall be decided upon by those present at the meeting or other gathering by a majority of those present. The period of suspension (which may be indefinite depending on the circumstances) shall be fixed at the same time.

Any member so suspended shall have the right to appeal to the next general meeting or to a special general meeting if no meeting is due to take place within 28 days.



The day to day business of the Association shall be conducted by a committee elected at the AGM. The officer posts of the Association shall consist of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer [the Officers]. Other members can stand as ordinary committee members, or have specific roles. These should be elected at each and every AGM but may be co-opted onto the committee at an Open Meeting.

The removal of an officer or committee member may be carried out at a general meeting of the Association if not filled at the general meeting.  The committee may temporarily fill any vacancy arising among the officers of the Association from the other members of the committee and may co-opt one of more new committee members until the next general meeting.




The members of the Committee may regulate their meetings and procedures as they think fit.

Meetings of the Committee must take place at least 6 times a year.




The first AGM will be held on 7th November 2017 at 7.30 pm at The Hall, Crantock Road, SE6 2QS.

The purpose of the first meeting will be to adopt the Constitution and elect the first Officers.

Thereafter an Annual General Meeting will be held at least once in each calendar year. The Association’s financial year will be 31st March, and the AGM shall be held no more than 9 months after the year end.

At the AGM:

  • The committee shall present an annual report of the Association.
  • The committee shall present an end of year financial statement of the accounts of the Association.
  • Elect members to serve on the committee
  • The AGM shall discuss any written proposals submitted to the Secretary by an Association member at least seven days in advance of the meeting.


Copies of the constitution shall be made available at the AGM.

All members present at an AGM shall have an equal vote.



For the AGM there will be no less than 21 days’ calendar notice of the meeting by advertisement to all residents by placing posters in local public places as well as on the Association Website and appropriate social media.


Open meetings shall be held at least 4 times a year. All meetings shall have an agenda and start and finish time. Notice will be given 14 days in advance by placing notices in public places as well as on the Association Website and appropriate social media.

Everyone is welcome to attend meetings but must follow the Code of Conduct.

Only members will be entitled to vote.




A Special General meeting may be requested either by the Committee or by at least 10 residents to discuss important issues.  At least 14 days’ notice to be given to residents in the Community.

All meetings must have a minimum of 8 residents attending before decisions can be made.  If the quorum is not reached those present can decide if the meeting can go ahead as planned. Other than that, no further decisions can be made without further consultation.  The quorum for an open meeting is no less than 2 members of the Committee and 6local residents.



In order to pay administration and other costs, a small annual subscription may be requested from members of the Association; its level shall be determined at each AGM.

The payment of any subscriptions shall be recorded in records maintained by the Treasurer.

Any monies paid to or raised by or on behalf of the Association shall only be spent in achieving the objectives of the Association and for no other purpose. No payment or other benefit shall be made to members of the Association.

Once monies are received by the Association a bank account shall be opened in the name of the Association.  Payments from the Associations account shall be authorised by any two of a nominated three of the Committee members.   Those signatories must be unrelated and must not live in the same household.



The constitution can be changed at any time via an item placed on the Agenda at an Open Meeting.  However, the changes must be adopted formally at the next AGM.



The Association shall only be dissolved by resolution by a Special General Meeting.  No less than 14 calendar days’ written notice of such a meeting shall be given to the members 0 which may be given by email where appropriate) together with the wording of the motion to dissolve.  The Association should only be dissolved if the meeting is quorate and votes at the SGM are in favour of the motion.


When the Association has satisfied its proper liabilities, all remaining assets, financial and otherwise shall not be distributed among members of the Association, but shall be donated to other similar charitable, benevolent or philanthropic groups whose purposes are for the benefit of local people.  Any unspent grant funding will be returned to the relevant funding agency.


Adopted at the inaugural meeting of the Association on 7th November 2017

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