If you can provide information about persons fly tipping please use the Lewisham Council website Direct Link.

To report fly-tipping Lewisham Council recommend using FixMyStreet.

We have obtained data from Lewisham Council which provides a picture of reports of fly-tipping incidents within the Catford South Ward between February 2016 and June 2017.  During this period there were 1321 reports of fly-tipping.

The data shows that fly-tipping is reported throughout the ward:


There are a number of hotspots:

  1. SE6 1DQ
  2. SE6 2NL
  3. SE6 1HJ
  4. SE6 1DY
  5. SE6 1HD
  6. SE6 2PG
  7. SE6 1LR
  8. SE6 1DF
  9. SE6 1SN


The distribution of all incidents by grouping postcodes into bands is as follows:


The distribution of incidents by month is:


The distribution by day is:


Lewisham Council have also provided the statistics for the borough as a whole of fines levied for fly-tipping:


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