Due to the impact of Covid 19 the school has set up a food donation station to support their most vulnerable families. The station is just inside the main gate.  Donations can be left in the blue crates which are located on tables just inside – prior to actually entering the office. No contact is required so it is covid safe. Drop off times are between 8.30 – 16.00 term time.

Press the entry buzzer and one of the reception team will release the gate. There is an exit button on the other side.

There is a particular need for tinned goods such as beans, tinned fruit & vegetables. Sugar, rice and pasta are always needed.

 Local businesses have been very generous and some have been supporting the school since March.

The school is due to open after the Christmas holidays on 4 January 2021

Members Update November/December 2020

Dear members

As we have haven’t been able to hold any meetings this year I have set out below a quick update including a summary of our achievements, finances and membership. 

Membership: We have 111 members from 93 households, compared to 107 members this time last year. Taking account of people leaving the area and no members meetings held or publicised during 2020 I think this modest increase is very positive.

More members wanted!

Since we started in November 2017(!) our officers continue to be: 

                              Andy Smith-Chair

                              Jeff Worthy-Secretary

                              Margaret Wilken-Treasurer

We are supported by a small team of committee members helping out for example with litter picks, street trees, fly tipping and maintaining relationships with the likes of Living Streets and the Bus Garage. New committee members most welcome; please get in touch.

Finance: as of 31 March 2020, we carried over from the last financial year a surplus of £288.08 and have neither spent or received money since. Other than grants from the Lewisham Local Assembly Fund our sources of income since we began have been from members donations and raffles.

 Any ideas for fund raising needed please: should we be asking for members subscriptions?


Last February we wrote to Heidi Alexander at Transport for London (TFL) concerning the introduction of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone in October 2021. The boundary of the Zone will be the A205 South Circular. Our concern was around the possible increase in street parking on our side of the boundary, was a controlled parking zone (CPZ) planned for any part of Catford South and if so would we be included. TFL advised us that they saw no increase in street parking here as a consequence of the Zone and the introduction of a CPZ was a matter for the council.

We will keep this under review.

Our monthly litter picks have been a great success. Not only do we pick a lot of litter but it is an activity which is positive and highly visible with cleaner roads and a team of people out there in our hi viz jackets making a difference. (We also copy the monthly litter pick updates over to our councillor Eva Stamirowski.) We have encouraged the use of the Fix my Street and similar Apps to report fly tipping and abandoned vehicles to the Council. 

We have to be proactive and not just rely on the council somehow turning up to deal with this; those days have gone.

We continue to play a part in the local community, being positive and not just complaining. Before lockdown we attended the Catford South Assembly meeting and gained support for a repeat of Catford South in Bloom, a competition with Assembly funded prizes to encourage the upkeep of front gardens. Next year we hope.

We secured funding from Tesco for four street trees. We have found homes for two in Crantock but hope the remainder will go to Barmeston Road, subject to residents and Council agreement.

The Strategic Industrial Land at the corner of Bromley and Randlesdown Roads still needs careful monitoring, the latest issue being smoke pollution from burning rubbish. Everyone now has the link to Cllr Stamirowski’s official email so measured and polite complaints can go to her. (We will also complain to her of course.)

Another area of concern are the shop frontages between Daneby and Bellingham Roads. An untidy dangerous mess made worse by cars and delivery vans crossing the pavement along Bromley Road to park on the frontages. We will continue to press our MP and Councillors for measures to stop this.

Members are supporting the Torridon School foodbank, helping local people during these difficult times with food donations. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Looking to the future if and when the reorganisation of Council wards takes place we will I think find Forster Park within Catford South. The park has been of great help to many of us during lockdown and I am sure we will want to support its upkeep and continued development. 

Finally, other community groups and ourselves have been asked by consultants to suggest initial thoughts on how the A21 Bromley Road corridor (between Catford and Bromley Hill) could be improved. Appointed by the council and the Greater London Authority the consultants will then come up with a plan for wider discussion.

We have suggested the industrial site on the corner of Randlesdown Road, the Bus Garage, and the Bromley Road retail park as possible sites for good quality and well-maintained redevelopment that would have a positive impact on the area. Smaller scale but important improvements include the dangerous shop frontages described above, provision of a controlled pedestrian crossing between Crantock Road and Catford, and the reduction of light pollution from Access Self Storage.

We will keep you posted.

I hope you found this update useful! Please do get in touch if you would like to help us or if we can help you.

Best wishes from the team.



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