Due to the impact of Covid 19 the school has set up a food donation station to support their most vulnerable families. The station is just inside the main gate.  Donations can be left in the blue crates which are located on tables just inside – prior to actually entering the office. No human contact is required so it is covid safe. Drop off times are between 8.30 – 16.00 term time.

Press the entry buzzer and one of the reception team will release the gate. There is an exit button on the other side.

There is a particular need for tinned goods such as beans, tinned fruit & vegetables. Sugar, rice and pasta are always needed.

 Local businesses have been very generous and some have been supporting the school since March.

The Fellowship Inn, Bellingham

Now Open!


After a £4 million refurbishment the Fellowship Inn in Bellingham has opened this summer. The pub has a cinema, cafe and theatre. There is also be a music hub and rehearsal space.

Phoenix Community Housing, which owns the building hopes that The Fellowship will be at the heart of the local community.

Beckenham Place Park

For the first time in decades, the beautiful Georgian mansion is open daily to the public as an arts, cultural and community centre. The Mansion now houses artist studios, a yoga/pilates/wellbeing centrearts and crafts classes, a record shop and a café. In addition, there will be regular special events and activities like food and vintage markets, concerts, pop-up cinemas and more!

Members Meeting November 2019


With 107 members numbers have remained steady this year. All roads in our patch have members with the exception of Pemberth Road and Muncies Mews.

Members Meetings

We will have held two full members meetings this year. Each meeting now costs £200 to set up and comprises hire of the venue, printing A5 colour leaflets for door to door distribution, and raffle prizes. The raffle and members donations are now our only source of income.

Other Meetings

Our Treasurer Margaret Wilken chairs the Catford South Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel meetings comprising our local Police Officers and members/representatives of the Catford South community.

We encourage members’ attendance at the three annual meetings of the Catford South Assembly. The Assembly is supported by a committee which our officers also attend. This participation gives us the opportunity to meet and influence our ward Councillors.

We have met with Council planning officers to discuss the future of site on the corner of Randlesdown and Bromley Road (“The Bromley Road Eyesore”) and attended public planning meetings concerning the development of Bellingham Mews.

We have established and maintained good informal relations with the Culverley Green and the Corbett Residents Associations and meet with them on a more formal basis every year.

We have a good constructive relationship with Catford Bus Garage management and also with London Living Streets who give advice on the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians and cyclists.


We continue to campaign in respect of dangerous parking on the shop frontages between Daneby and Bellingham Roads and on the frontage of adjacent flats.

We also continue to campaign about the “improvements” to the traffic lights phasing and the layout of the junction at Crantock and Bromley Road.

We wrote to our MP on 15 August setting out our concerns around both of these issues and await a reply. We will keep plugging away.

Litter Picking

Inspired by the example of our member Steve Turner our litter picking crew now meet for action every month so that all roads in our patch can get a share of our attention.


If you could spare an hour or so every month to help out you would be most welcome!  Please get in touch or have a word at our meeting on Wednesday.

Jeff Worthy

11 November 2019

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