Useful Information

Report a problem to Lewisham Council.


Report noise and other disturbances

Please note: there is not an out-of-hours noise response service.

Report noisy neighbours – Burglar & car alarms – Noise & other disturbances from comercial premises.

Visit the website or contact the Crime Enforcement and Regulation Service

Tel: 020 8314 7237 or Email:

Report tree problems online.

Report trees & hedges that affect your property or trees that are unsafe or a nuisance.

Report faulty / defective street lighting

Report fly tipping 

Download the ‘Fix my street’app and report with a photo or visit Lewisham Councils website

If you witness flytipping do not put yourself at risk. If possible if you can safely get information, Lewisham Council needs details of:

  • a description of the rubbish
  • a description of the people involved
  • a description of any vehicles involved and the number plate
  • any information about where the flytippers came from.

Lewisham promises to keep information confidential. You can  report the incident online via the website

Telephone: 020 8314 2170


Noisy drains / Street defects

Last year one of our members reported a defective manhole on Bromley Road. Every time a vehicle drove over it, it made a loud noise that could be heard at some distance. The fault was reported to Tfl (see the link above).It took some time to resolve the problem, which was initially reported in March, and it took nearly 3 weeks before our member received an auto-reply with a reference number, together with a customer service contact and telephone number. After further conversations, it was revealed that there had been a hold up identifying the utility company responsible for the manhole. However, a temporary repair took place and finally in August a permanent repair was completed. Our member says “like all things it required a little patience”.

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Information concerning Houses of  Multiple Occupation (HMO’S)



Janet Daby MP

  Janet Daby – Tel: 020 8461 4733



  Councillor Eva Stamirowski     Councillor James Royston         Councillor Natasha Burgess

Email:  Tel: 07392 860305

Email:  Tel: 020 83146696

Email:       Tel: 0208 314 3671

  • In light of government advice to implement social distancing measures (such as avoiding public transport and unnecessary social gatherings where possible) in order to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19); councillor surgeries are currently suspended. You can still  email or telephone your councillor using the  details above.

Surgeries are normally held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, 11.00am – 12.00pm, Torridon Road Library, Torridon Road, Catford SE6. There are no surgeries held in August.


Mayor Damien EganMayor Damien Egan