Members meeting held 1 March 2018

Following our first meeting, held last November, we are now up and running and  shared with you our progress at our second meeting on 1 March.

Please see the news page for further details.

At the meeting were:
Our local MP Heidi Alexander
Our Catford South ward councillors
Our local Police Officer and Phoenix Housing

Our agenda included:

  • Updates on progress with issues and partnership projects.
  • The Bromley Road Eyesore.

We cover the roads listed below, so if you are not already a member then please  contact us at:


follow us on twitter @Ravensbourne15

Boundary Map.
Thornsbeach (top of Inchmery to Bellingham)– Barmeston_ Crantock– Callander– Charsley– Daneby– Aitken– Bellingham– Penderry Rise– Penberth Road– Bromley Road (bottom of Crantock to Bellingham Road) Muncies Mews and Greenside Close.



  1. I am so excited that this Residents Association is starting. Fantastic that the community are coming together to help make change in this area!


  2. Good first meeting last night and I hope that we can grow into a really effective organisation. There are lots of challenges that we face but together we can start to make a difference. Well done to Andy, Jeff and Margaret for getting this started.


  3. Well done to Andy Jeff and Margaret for launching the Residents Association and to all the local residents who came.
    I believe the organisation is not just about raising issues but solving them effectively so they benefit everyone locally.


  4. Really pleased to see so many fellow residents come out to the first meeting. This is the first step in the right direction to developing a strong and active residents association. I have no doubt that there are many challenges ahead, but it has my 100% backing.


  5. I am 85 and have lived in Bellingham Road for 40 years. I find getting to meetings particularly in the evening difficult. I also very deaf which does not help.
    I would very much like to add a voice to your campaign to get the very ugly corrugated fence of the scaffold yard replaced. When it went up I was shocked and it has been there for years. Surely they should have had planning permission be erecting such a large structure. I’m not sure it is an ‘ex’ scaffolding yard. From what I can see from my front garden there seems to be a lot of scaffolding on the site. Do we know if the proposed hotel to be constructed there has got the go ahead? I personally much approve of that plan and found the council’s decision to refuse planning permission very strange.
    Please keep me in touch with your activities.
    Ernie Bray

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