Litter Picker No8

Next Litter Picking Event

Once a month volunteers gather for a big clean-up of our area of Catford. This month we are meeting at the park entrance of Forster Park at the junction of Bellingham Road and Thornsbeach Road on Sunday 23rd February at 10.20am. Litter pickers, rubbish sacks and hi-vis vests are provided but please bring your own gloves. If you have an hour spare, please join us for this community spirited event. All are welcome.

Bellingham Road (Bromley Road End)

I don’t think I’m the only person to see all the ugliness of the waste bins and the hazards due to the narrowing of the pavement. The bins seem to attract a vast amount of fly-tipping and random rubbish. The bins shouldn’t be there in the first place as it’s not a designated bin area. What we need is a better solution for waste management, and the area to be monitored by cameras at all times.

Walking for Health

There are a number of organised walks by the GCDA which provide gentle exercise, good company in a safe environment. We are lucky to have a local walk at Forster Park every Tuesday morning meeting at the Goldsmiths community centre, Castillon Road, SE6 1QD (124 Bus Route) starting at 10.30am and back to the centre by about 11.45am for refreshments. If possible please register beforehand at: or just turn up on the day.

Idling Engines

At school pick up times at Conisborough College I still witness parents sitting in their cars waiting for their children with the engines running, sometimes for longish periods. These selfish drivers are generating unnecessary pollution for local residents which increase the chances of developing asthma.

This article is from Lewisham Councils website:

Our drive to improve air quality forges ahead with new measures to tackle idling vehicles (

“Drivers who leave their car engines running while stationary will face a fine of up to £80 from next year, as part of our commitment to improve air quality in the borough.

A meeting of Mayor and Cabinet on 18 September agreed to introduce a traffic management order (TMO) ( that will allow enforcement action against drivers who are caught idling. It will apply to all roads in the borough.

An idling car can produce up to twice as much exhaust emissions as a moving car, which contain a range of air pollutants that can affect the quality of air in the environment.

Councillor Sophie McGeevor, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: ‘We urgently need to change public attitudes to idling as many don’t realise the risk this poses to people’s health and the environment.

‘Air quality in London is a public health crisis and we all have a part to play in reducing air pollution. We hope fining drivers for idling will deter them from doing this – the overall benefit from the small action of switching off car engines while stationary cannot be underestimated.’

The TMO will be advertised, where residents will have an opportunity to understand the enforcement proposal, with a start date for enforcement in the beginning of 2020.

Published on: 19/09/2019”

So far no sign of enforcement – watch this space.


In conjunction with the FixMyStreet APP service and Lewisham Council we have an effective tool and service for removing the fly-tipping. Unfortunately it doesn’t solve the causes of fly-tipping despite it being illegal.

I believe without better services, communication and enforcement the situation will only get worse.

This incident has has reported on FixMyStreet

When the pavement is full please use the bin

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